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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I board my dog with Olivia and Otis Pet Sitting?

We offer a home environment setting that you won't find at most boarding places. We aren't a kennel, meaning your dog will not be separated in their own area during the day or at night. We can provide crates if needed, but even then your dog will be crated in the bedroom. At some places, your dog is alone all night with no staff members present. With us, your dog will have human companionship 24 hours a day. 

How many dogs do you take at a time?

It varies, but we tend to have anywhere from 2 to 8 dogs at a time. Some dogs are only here during the day for daycare. Since our daycare dogs and boarding dogs play together, your dog will have a variety of friends to play with. Unlike other daycare facilities though, your dog will not be surrounded by 15 to 20 dogs at a time. If your dog is often overwhelmed by large groups of dogs, Olivia and Otis Pet Sitting may be a better fit. We also offer dogs the alternative to stay inside if they don't like to or don't want to play. 

What happens if some of the dogs don't get along?


We rarely have issues between the dogs, but we are ready for when we do. We prefer to have meet and greets before booking any dog for daycare or boarding. While we don't introduce dogs at this time, we like to screen your dog for behavior and will ask about any past aggression, including food aggression, play aggression, dominance, or resource guarding. On the rare occasion that a dog has needed to be separated due to aggression toward other dogs, our finished basement is completely set up for dogs. If your dog needs to be separated, we will contact you and inform you of the situation. While not ideal, we are able to still watch your dog so you don't need to come back early from your vacation. We also have two separate areas outside, so your dog will still get plenty of outside time. 

How do I pay?

We accept payment through the Time to Pet app. We also accept Venmo, Paypal, credit cards, cash, or check.

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